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Sparkling Relaxation

Santa Barbara Sparkling Spa provides a range of relaxing, rejuvenating services in a vibrant yet harmonious atmosphere. Located between Verdant Vineyards and the expanse of the Pacific, the city of Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Sparkling Spa’s home) is known for its Mediterranean climate and for its tradition of enjoying the finer things in life.

Santa Barbara Sparkling Spa has been designed to bring together the relaxation and nurturing of a quality massage with the discovery and delight of products from the Grapeseed Co. and Champagne Vino Lux. The result is a uniquely compelling spa destination that welcomes friends, individuals, visitors and local residents alike to a one-of-a-kind Santa Barbara experience.


Solo Relaxation Massage
60 min $125
90 min $165

Add on additional enhancements to increase the benefits of the massage.


• Cupping
• CBD Oil
• Hand & Foot Treatment

• Moist Heat

• Pain-Relieving Menthol Balm


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1907 State St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Cancellation Policy:

We kindly ask that any changes or cancellations are made within 24 hours before appointment date.

Founder: Scott Crawford

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